Ruffle Chandelier

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This light forms part of the MOONLIGHT COLLECTION

The Roaring Twenties brought a break with tradition marked by great advances in design, the essence of which can be seen in the flamboyant fashion updates of the era. Ladies were adorned in extravagant and dazzling dresses with intricate beading and shimmering sequins. It was this elaborate embellishment that led us to imagine the smaller of the Ruffle ceiling light family, abundant with overlapping plates of gently waving satin glass, each completed by a spherical finial at its centre in a finish of your choosing.

This fabric forms part of the MOONLIGHT COLLECTION


Available Finishes

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Metal Finishes

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Bella Figura do not supply ceiling hooks, screws or bolts for any of our chandeliers. A qualified fitter must assess the ceiling structure and provide the appropriate fixings based on the ceiling construction

Available Sizes

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Height: 42 cm (16.54")
Diameter: 75 cm (29.53")
6 x 2.5W LED
Max watt and Lamps: 2.5W LED
Net Weight: 12 kg / 27 lb

Height: 42 cm (16.54")
Diameter: 100 cm (39.37")
8 x 2.5W LED
Max watt and Lamps: 2.5W LED
Net Weight: 18 kg / 40 lb

Height: 42 cm (16.54")
Diameter: 125 cm (49.21")
12 x 2.5W LED G9
Max watt and Lamps: 2.5W LED
Net Weight: 25 kg / 55 lb

The dimensions of the central supporting rod and ceiling rose are not included in the height measurements.
The standard rod and ceiling rose is 50cm (20") high if not otherwise specified by the customer.
Weights are approx.

Finish note: As the glass is handmade by our artisans, they may vary slightly from piece to piece in dimension and appearance

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Ruffle Chandelier

Ruffle Chandelier