Bella Figura: In Conversation with Hill House Interiors

Bella Figura: In Conversation with Hill House Interiors

25 April, 2018 | Interviews


Hill House Interiors is a leading Interior Design practice led by Jenny Weiss and Helen Bygraves, based in Weybridge, Surrey. They have built their renowned consultancy with their friendly, approachable attitude, enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail. We were thrilled to work with them for our first window display collaboration, as part of the Design Centre's recent 'Legends' initiative during London Design Week. 

In this interview we sit down with Helen to discuss this collaboration; Hill House's creative process, and what's next for them in 2019. 


BF: Firstly, can you tell us a little about Hill House Interiors and how you have grown the business to be the multi-award winning practise it is today? 
HH: Jenny & I started the business 20 years ago and have grown it organically. Having won some contracts with high-end property developers, the likes of Octagon, we received international recognition by becoming an award winning practice and were able to expand on and continue our success from there. Today we are a team of 22 – which includes both architects and interiors designers, and have a flagship showroom in Weybridge. 
BF: How would you describe Hill House’s style in three words?
HH: Classic, Contemporary & Timeless.
BF: Describe your professional style vs your personal style and do they differ?
HH: Probably not; we are firm believers that people will look at how you present yourself and this will inform whether they make the decision to work with you. There is definitely a cross over between styling your home and styling yourself. It’s down to the individual and how you choose to make your style your own, although HH has a signature look we work with each client to create spaces unique to them. We often revisit past projects, and because we strive to create enduring schemes choosing quality elements in our interiors, we think they remain timeless yet elegant. 
BF: It has been a pleasure to work with you in the lead up to LDW. Please tell us how you went about designing our window display?
HH: Naturally we were very flattered to be invited to collaborate with you. Knowing the range so well, we selected the pieces that we felt complemented and corresponded with our own style. The installation features your Aviary Chandelier and two of your Diamond Table Lamps. Your lighting definitely blends well with our own furniture range; we share that timeless and classic aesthetic. It was also very important to us that we selected in stock items, as it's critical not to disappoint our clients. 
''You only have one chance to make a first impression''
BF: Hill House are known for your attention to detail. Can you tell us more about the chosen pieces and accessories featured in the window display?
HH: We selected accessories from our showroom to add the all-important detail to the window display – we add visual depth this way when we install our projects too - creating layers of interest, using varying heights and differing but complimentary finishes and textures. We chose a large smoky quartz crystal known for its calming qualities for your display and paired this with Shagreen frames and a beautiful Mother of Pearl bowl. These natural elements give that feeling of organic luxury, and create a sense of balance and positive energy. Your own crystal lighting corresponds with the chosen crystals, bringing even more luxury to the look. We use a lot of gemstones in our styling, chosen for spirituality & their healing properties.
BF: You have your own furniture range of which the Carlton Buffet table is now on display in our Chelsea showroom. Can you tell us more about your furniture collection?
HH: We wanted to bring our own identity to the display and were keen to show our eye for detail by using a piece from our own furniture range. We decided to feature the Carlton Buffet Table (which is available in 7 different colourways). The table incorporates some metallic finishes, with faux leather inserts, suede lined draws and Mother of Pearl handles – all at a mid-range price. Our range includes a variety of sizes, from our two door Buffet ‘Mandarin’, Chelsea console table and Berkley dressing table.
BF: When it comes to interior styling, how do you know when you to stop?
HH: When accessories enhance the décor without looking cluttered!
BF: All of our lighting is designed and made in the UK & Italy. How important is craftsmanship and quality to yourselves and your clients?
HH: It’s paramount. We have a mantra at HH, “You only have one chance to make a first impression” so we choose those products that ooze quality. You can instantly see when something has been beautifully made.
BF: You have recently chosen our Two Tier Drum chandelier for display in your showroom. What are you favourite (s) BF product to date and why so? 
HH: We love the Bond Street Chandelier, and the Zeus wall lights in Smoke are also a very popular choice. We like to use Bella Figura lighting in projects because the luxury and quality is there. You also listen to the needs of the designers, and keep up with the times and trends in terms of the finishes you offer, particularly bronzes.  We like that your wall lights can be IP44 rated, where we can use them for bathroom spaces, adding another level of luxury.
BF: Who or what in the interiors industry is inspiring you right now?
HH: Very special finishes, particularly bespoke finishes, are exciting us. We love to explore the possibilities when working with metallics & liquid metals. There are so many new and amazing products out there, we are spoilt for choice and this means we can make each project completely unique. As a designer it’s a dream come true. 
BF: What’s next for Hill House Interiors in 2018/19?
HH: More of the same! We are working on furthering our own range, and are always looking to work on more collaborations like this one with Bella Figura. We have many projects underway both here and overseas. Our architects and designers have just returned from Milan inspired and invigorated so you can expect to see more beautiful imagery and amazing projects to come from HH!
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