The undeniable romance of the moonlight is the seed from which this collection grew. The light of the Moon carries an ethereal beauty and sense of mystery, an impression of this we have recreated by focusing on frosted glass and gentle swirling glass textures which evoke the meditative calm and enchanting character of this celestial body. Moonlight embraces the spirit and energy of the much-treasured composition ‘Clair de Lune’ by French composer Claude Debussy, which in turn embodies poetic references of the still moonlight; sad and lovely. While the collection is in many ways a pastiche of different elements of various artistic outlets, we wanted it to remain true to the Bella Figura signature style, highly finished metal work with hand-made glass elements and luxurious silk all designed and produced in England and Italy. Art Deco influences emerge throughout this collection which further complement the romanticism of the moonlit look, with reworked motifs and ideas from the era, bringing 1920’s style into the 2020’s and beyond.