Mirrors are hypnotic, elegant, and mysterious, fascinating humankind since time immemorial. They retain their ability to hold our attention, much like a beautiful chandelier or a delicate piece of glass. Mirrors also perform an extraordinary feat with their ability to create new dimensions and the illusion of space. As an obvious progression for Bella Figura, we decided to take some of our most sought-after products and create their reflective counterparts. The collection embodies elements of many of our previous collections, including the Moonlight, Halcyon, Mayfair, and Retro Murano Collections. Honing in on the elongated curves, sweeping arcs, and delicate details of our original designs, they challenge the boundaries of traditional shape and composition. In keeping with our roots as a lighting company, it wouldn’t be Bella Figura if we didn’t include a lit element in some of the designs. The aforementioned mirrors are available both with and without their energy efficient LED additions.