To be human is to be curious, to push the boundaries of discovery and to want to know more- Why are we here? What else is out there? The fascination which started The Vega Collection began with these philosophical notions. Indeed, this collection is about space and astronomy, but it is about more than just stars and planets; it is a scrapbook of human discovery; the early ideas of space that bewitched our ancestors with its greatness through to the discoveries allowed by modern day technological advances. The same view of the heavens has been observed by human eyes for centuries gone by and although we now understand more, the quietening vastness of space has an unchanged spellbinding power. Vega is a celebration of all that surrounds us and its hypnotic effect. The collection’s creation desires the same impact- bringing this concept indoors and enveloping you in tranquillity and quiet with timeless looks that do not answer to fashion.


The majority of our chandeliers are suitable for bathrooms in Zone 3. If you require the chandeliers to be IP44 Rated for Zone 2 please contact us to verify.