In a new venture for Bella Figura and our most ambitious project to date, the Vintage range pays homage to the company’s roots: traditional, ornate styling concepts. This collection of unique vintage mirrors has been sourced from around Europe, each with its own individual origin story dating back centuries. Releasing in tandem with a collection of mirrors designed by the company, these mirrors pave the way for Bella Figura’s ever-expanding horizons. Recognising that trends and style always come back around, these two collections showcase the company’s evolution, from traditional to transitional, through to modern and ultra-contemporary. Intricate, elegant, and decadent, these mirrors are perfect for the most luxurious of homes. Each piece has been given a new lease of life, meticulously restored to its former grandeur by our master craftsmen and women, who between them have decades of experience. Procured from all corners of Europe - from an Italian Pallazzo in Rome to elusive collectors in the North of England - each mirror is one of a kind and boasts an extraordinary past. By rejuvenating these forgotten pieces of history, Bella Figura can offer a more sustainable way of decorating your home. This endeavour furthers the progress the company has already made in its continuous journey to minimise our carbon footprint and support small businesses and skilled artisans throughout the UK and Europe. This current collection is just the beginning. We will continue to showcase and launch even more spectacular mirrors and other decorative pieces as our artisans work tirelessly behind the scenes to reclaim the beauty that once was.