Savile Row Chandelier


This light forms part of the MAYFAIR COLLECTION

With a diffuser inside the bottom row of tiles, this Savile Row chandelier is comprised of a tiered frame and the new addition of Murano glass tiles instead of the orginal Lucite design. This piece incorporates both modern and traditional design to create the perfect lighting within your space. The opulent design magnificently transforms any interior and becomes a beautiful centre point.

This fabric forms part of the MAYFAIR COLLECTION


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Bella Figura do not supply ceiling hooks, screws or bolts for any of our chandeliers. A qualified fitter must assess the ceiling structure and provide the appropriate fixings based on the ceiling construction

Available Sizes

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Height: 18.5 cm (7.28")
Diameter: 45 cm (17.72")
Number of Tiers: 2
4 x 40W E12
Max watt and Lamps: 40W
Net Weight: 13.5 kg / 30 lb

Height: 25.5 cm (10.04")
Diameter: 60 cm (23.62")
Number of Tiers: 4
6 x 40W E26
Max watt and Lamps: 40W
Net Weight: 26.5 kg / 58 lb

Height: 32.5 cm (12.8")
Diameter: 75 cm (29.53")
Number of Tiers: 6
8 x 40W E26
Max watt and Lamps: 40W
Net Weight: 36 kg / 79 lb

Height: 39.5 cm (15.55")
Diameter: 90 cm (35.43")
Number of Tiers: 7
8 x 40W E26
Max watt and Lamps: 40W
Net Weight: 40 kg / 88 lb

Height: 46.5 cm (18.31")
Diameter: 105 cm (41.34")
Number of Tiers: 9
10 x 40W E26
Max watt and Lamps: 40W
Net Weight: 47.5 kg / 105 lb

Height: 53.5 cm (21.06")
Diameter: 120 cm (47.24")
Number of Tiers: 11
12 x 40W E26
Max watt and Lamps: 40W
Net Weight: 85 kg / 187 lb

The dimensions of the central supporting rod and ceiling rose are not included in the height measurements.
The standard rod and ceiling rose is 50cm (20") high if not otherwise specified by the customer.

Please Note: Our Chandeliers are not supplied with ceiling hooks. All of our chandeliers will mount an adequate ceiling rose, and chain/rod which will depend on the weight of the fixing. A qualified electrician must assess your ceiling structure and advise on the right fitting.

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Savile Row Chandelier

Savile Row Chandelier