Amphora Table Lamp

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This light forms part of the VEGA COLLECTION

The Amphora table lamp pays homage to ancient civilisations who bestowed the names of their gods and goddesses on some of the celestial bodies we can witness with the naked eye. The naming of these astronomical discoveries gives them personified characteristics which in turn gave us inspiration for a number of the works included in this collection. An Amphora, chic and strong in silhouette, was often rewarded to victors in contests such as the Panathenaic games, thus the symbol of praise we chose to honour these ancient discoveries.

This light forms part of the VEGA COLLECTION

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Height: 57.8 cm (22.76")
Diameter: 21.5 cm (8.46")
1 x 40W E27
Max watt and Lamps: 40W

Dimensions are measured from the base of the lamp to the middle of the bulb holder and are excluding shade.

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Amphora Table Lamp

Amphora Table Lamp